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Postdoctoral Researcher

Computer Science
Boston College

140 Commonwealth Avenue
O’Neill Library 561
Chestnut Hill MA 02467


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Changhoon Oh is a Post Doctoral Research Fellow of Computer Science at Boston College, working with Professor Nam Wook Kim. He also worked as a Postdoctoral Researcher in the Human-Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, collaborating with Professor Jodi Forlizzi and Professor John Zimmerman. He earned his Ph.D. from Seoul National University under the guidance of Professor Bongwon Suh.

His research on Human–Computer Interaction (HCI) and User Experience (UX) focuses on human–AI interactions, intersecting UX/HCI perspective in AI/ML expanded to meaningful and synergistic results in both communities. Specifically, his interests lie in identifying design factors for AI-infused user interfaces with respect to human perception on AI, interpretable and explainable AI (XAI), human-AI collaboration, and, furthermore, in a broader sense, UX design with AI/ML and responsible AI (RAI). In terms of methodologies, he has extensive experience in applying both qualitative and quantitative methods. He has presented and published various papers at highly prestigious conferences in the HCI field, including as ACM CHI, UIST, and DIS. His work has been recognized with multiple awards, such as the CHI 2018 Best Paper Honorable Mention Award and the DIS 2020 Best Paper Honorable Mention Award.  

He is currently doing research on UX and AI to enable UX designers to more easily envision and prototype products and services which leverage the capabilities of AI, specifically by developing taxonomies of AI which describe AI capabilities and design patterns and making them accessible to professional UX designers as design tools. He is also working on design workshops to help UX designers recognize opportunities and generate adaptive user interface (AUI) designs which implement easy and low-risk AI to collapse navigation and selection efforts.


Recent News

  • May 07 2020: Excited to share that our paper “Understanding How People Reason about Aesthetic Evaluations of Artificial Intelligence (principal author)” has won an honorable mention awards at DIS 2020.
  • Apr 09 2020: “Understanding How People Reason about Aesthetic Evaluations of Artificial Intelligence (principal author)” has been conditionally accepted to DIS 2020.
  • Dec 13 2019: Two papers “Understanding User Perception of Automated News Generation System (principal author)” and “Bot in the Bunch: Facilitating Group Chat Discussion by Improving Efficiency and Participation with a Chatbot” have been conditionally accepted to CHI 2020.
  • Feb 26 2019: I have graduated from Seoul National University with my PhD degree. My thesis “Understanding How People Interact with Algorithm-based Systems Using Artificial Intelligence” has received a Best Dissertation Award.
  • Mar 27 2018: Joined V.DO, a video artificial intelligence start-up, as an AI Researcher.


    • Jul 06-11 2020: DIS 2020, Eindhoven, Netherlands for paper presentation.
    • Apr 25 – 30 2020: CHI 2020, Honolulu, Hawaii, US for paper presentation.
    • May 04 – 09 2019: CHI 2019, Glasgow, UK.
    • Apr 21 – 26 2018: Attended CHI 2018, Montréal, Canada for paper presentation.
    • Jan 31 – Feb 2 2018: Attended HCI Korea 2018, Jeongson, South Korea.
    • May 06 – 11 2017: Attended CHI 2017, Denver, Colorado, US, for paper presentation.